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Here’s just a taste:

A Casa do Bacalhau. The restaurant is a bit touristy, but it’s still pretty awesome, Rua do Grilo 54, Lisbon 1950-145

Best way to eat crab! Completely delicious and nothing is wasted. You’ll end up ordering more bread to dip into the sauce. It’s that good!. They also serve very fresh prawns, shrimp, lobster and clams. Cervejaria Ramiro, Av. Alm. Reis 1, 1150-038 Lisbon. Not the cheapest place but well worth it!

Pasteis de Nata is golden puff pastry circle with a barely firm rich egg custard in the middle. It’s sold at Pasteis de Belem. The Clarinha family, heirs to the original bakers, have a copyright on the recipe, which is centuries old. Where to eat pasteis de nata in Lisbon: Pasteis de Belem, R. Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisbon. 

The place itself is unique, ten tables under umbrellas in the Moorish part of Lisbon, and the prices can’t be beat! Where to eat chicken piri piri in Lisbon: Restaurante Cantinho do Aziz, Rua de Sao Lourenco N0 5, Lisbon 1100-530‬‬


Here’s a list of foods you must try when visiting Lisbon for sure. 

Sardines. If you are visiting Lisbon during summer, you simply have to sample the fresh sardines, So for the sardines, we would definitely recommend coming back in June, at the Festo de Santo Antonio, the whole city throws a huge party and fresh sardines are served everywhere. One if not the biggest street parties in Europe. Plus, it is also the best time to eat sardines. 

bacalhau, cozido a portuguesa (but never before the race), Whole crab – brains and all! …pasteis de nata, of course, bifanas (typical portuguese pork meat sandwich), arroz de marisco (sea food risoto), and don’t forget the chicken piri piri (very spicy).

For a pretty good guide of what, why and where to try the food in Lisbon, click HERE