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Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter we take very seriously at TRITON and part of our MISSION & POLICY.

Through the World Series, we contact thousands of athletes, family members, friends and corporate partners that puts us in a unique privileged position to capitalize on this tremendous potential proximity to make a difference.

LOFF Association, a non-profitable organization is our official Charity Partner, TRITON supports the project called, “TENNIS SHOES 4all KIDS“.

The program consists in donating tennis shoes to underprivileged kids where the events take place through local ONGs partners or directly through the event whenever possible.

Through this program, LOFF Association and TRITON aim to inspire and help give kids better conditions to run and race anywhere and everywhere, and to develop a healthy and active lifestyle, and maybe a better future through it.

Donate to help us make a difference to those to whom it matters the most!

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This program has a very simple concept and consists in donating tennis shoes to underprivileged kids in the region where the event takes place.


Running is the most accessible and democratic sport in the world.
The only real piece of equipment most runners finds indispensable is a good pair of running shoes.
Running bridges cultural, racial, socioeconomic, gender, age and other distinctions, reaching everyone, everywhere and with an ability to make a difference.

Join us to make a difference in these kids lives by donating when you register.


Our Planet’s sustainability is in our hands

It’s up to us to take care of it and to decide if we want to participate.

As a participating athlete you become an Ambassador of the event and an Ambassador of a lifestyle, an example admired by many.

We believe in the strong positive communication ability that sports have and we challenge you to be part of it. We believe in being grateful to the environment that welcomes participating athletes and being grateful to the community.

The leave nothing but footprints program suggests you join our cleaning staff for 30 minutes after each segment to clean up after yourself (friends and family members are welcome to join you), passing on a unique and positive message, gratitude and example to society in general and to the community in particular, that you care!

The 30 minutes is just a reference on how much we can do with so little, you can do less or more time. With very little we achieve great and amazing results.

It’s the butterfly effect!





When you check-in at the race office just say you want to be part of the leave nothing but footprints program. You will receive a free leave nothing but footprints wristband you must wear at each race, the swim, the bike and the run (identifies you as part of the program and you can ask one for your friends and family as well if they want to join you).


finish line

After you cross the finish line for each event you will be given a trash bag by our staff and as many as you ask for your team of friends and family.


leave nothing but footprints

All You have to do is go help collect the trash generated by yourself and other athletes.
We reinforce that this program is NOT mandatory and that the organization takes all measures to lower the impact on the environment and “leave nothing but footprints”.
No one will time you or follow you to see you follow through with your promise or not, it’s up to you to want to get involved and follow our mantra: leave nothing but footprints.


weight in

After you collect the trash you deliver it to our staff at a close by designated area and the staff will weight it for you and make a note of how much trash in weight you and your group has collected.


What do you get back?

The Proud Feeling

The biggest reward is on our view the amazing proud feeling and respect from your friends and family members!

The Award

The leave nothing but footprints award (1º, 2º, 3º places) for the most weight in trash collected